Launching and uploading programs to the LEGO EV3

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To work with the LEGO EV3 controller, in the TRIK Studio settings, go to "Robots" and select the LEGO EV3 platform.

There are several options for executing programs for the LEGO EV3 controller:

  • Step-by-step interpretation of a diagram with the simulation of the robot's behavior on a two-dimensional model.

  • Loading the program on the robot and its further autonomous execution without communication with the computer.

Interpretation with the simulation of robot behavior

In 2D Model Robot mode, commands are not sent to the robot, but are executed step by step for the virtual model displayed on the screen. See "2D Model" for more information.

1. Turn on the two-dimensional model mode.

2. Click the "Execute" button.

3. The 2D model window will open and the program will start.

4. When you switch to edit mode, you can track the steps of the program's execution.

Upload to controller

From TRIK Studio you can download a ready-made program to the robot to execute it autonomously in the future without communication with a computer.

Warning! You need Java software to download programs to the controller.

1. Enable Bluetooth or USB offline execution mode (depending on the desired type of connection to the robot to download the program).

2. Click the "Run Program" button.

The program will generate code in the internal EV3 language, load it onto the robot and run it immediately for execution.

3. If you only want to download a program without running it, use the "Download Program" button.


Experts in EV3 can look at the code generated in the internal EV3 language with the "Generate to EV3 bytecode" button.

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