TRIK Gamepad App

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You can download the free app for Android or iOS in the stores.


The application interface includes:

  • Pad1, Pad2 - programmable areas to press.

  • Indicators of the last press on the screen.

  • Programmable buttons (5 pcs.) - buttons for programming additional functions.

  • Settings - settings of the connection to the robot.

The application has the ability to broadcast video from a camera connected to the robot.

To start it, you need to add the "Start video broadcasting" block to the remote control program for the robot.

Principle of operation

Several touch variables are responsible for the functionality of the gamepad:

  • gamepadPad1Pressed, gamepadPad2Pressed.

  • gamepadPad1, gamepadPad2.

  • gamepadButton1, …, gamepadButton5.

  • gamepadConnected.

You can read more about the TRIK Gamepad touch variables in the article "Sensory Variables for the TRIK Controller".

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