Connecting a LEGO NXT Controller to TRIK Studio

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The LEGO NXT controller can be connected to the TRIK Studio using:

In each of the two options, you must first select the LEGO NXT platform in the TRIK Studio settings under "Robots".

USB connection

Download drivers from the manufacturer's official website: and install it to you system. Only drivers is necessary to work with TRIK Studio.

1. In the TRIK Studio settings under "Robots" select "Interpretation (USB)" in the "Robot Model" window.

2. Connect the LEGO NXT controller to your computer via USB. 3. Click the Connect button on the toolbar.

4. A message should appear in the output window indicating a successful connection. After that, the robot is ready to work.

Bluetooth connection

The robot connects to your computer via Bluetooth as a normal Bluetooth device. No special robot drivers are required for connection.

Warning! The connection process depends on the operating system and the drivers of the specific Bluetooth adapter.

Below are instructions on how to set up a connection for Windows 10 using the drivers built into the OS.

1. Open "Start" → "Settings" → "Devices".

2. In the window that appears, select "Add Bluetooth or other devices".

3. Select "Bluetooth".

4. In the window that appears, select the "NXT" device.

5. The robot should display the Bluetooth connection password at this time. You can leave the default password and press the orange button.

The default password is 1234.

6. After you press the orange button on the robot, a password window should appear on your computer. Enter the password and click "Connect".

7. Click "Done".

8. From the "Bluetooth or other devices" menu, open "Devices and Printers".

9. In the list that opens, find the "NXT" device and double-click the icon.

10. In the window that appears, go to the "Services" tab and remember the number of the COM port.

11. In TRIK Studio in the settings on the "Robots" tab, put a marker next to the LEGO NXT platform and the "Interpret (Bluetooth)" robot model.

In the Bluetooth settings, specify the port from the previous step.

12. Click OK.

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