Avast antivirus blocks TRIK Studio. What to do?

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Avast gives a message about a blocked file

If Avast antivirus gives a message about blocking the file when you install or run TRIK Studio, you should add the file to exceptions in the antivirus settings, or select "MORE OPTIONS"→"Open anyway".

Or wait for some time for this message and continue your job:

Avast does not display a threat message (file moved to virus chest)

It is possible that Avast may delete the TRIK Studio executable file or simply not display a threatening message when launching TRIK Studio. In this case: 1. Open the main window of Avast. 2. In the "Menu", select the "My Statistics" item.

3. Then "Threats in Virus Vault (Open Virus Vault)".

4. Hover the mouse cursor over the locked file entry and a drop-down menu button "..." appears on the right. Click it and select "More Options".

5. Then select "Restore and add to exceptions".

6. After these actions TRIK Studio should start and work normally.

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