Adding and removing blocks

Add blocks to the scene

You can add blocks to the scene in TRIK Studio in three ways:

  1. Drag and drop the corresponding icons from the palette of elements onto the diagram.

  2. When creating a new connection between blocks using a linker.

Drag and drop from the palette

Left-click on the necessary block located in the Palette panel. Without releasing the mouse button, move the block onto the scene.

Use mouse gestures

Draw on the scene a special image of the block with the Right mouse button. The block appears in the center of the drawn image.

Gestures can be drawn with a few strokes. The gesture input ends if the strokes have not been drawn for some time (you can set the time in the settings window on the Behavior tab).

Available conditional images can be found in two ways:

1. In the "Mouse Gestures" window, which opens through the main menuTools → Mouse gestures.

2. In the tooltip that appears when you hover over a block in the Palette panel.

Add block when creating a new connection

  1. Start creating a connection using the linker (a colored circle to the right of the block that appears after the block is selected) and release the left mouse button when the cursor is on an empty section of the diagram.

  2. In the menu that appears, select "Create new element". A new menu with blocks will appear.

  3. Select the block you need.

Delete block

Deleting a block from the scene is possible in two ways:

  1. Select the block with the left mouse button and then click the "Delete" button on the keyboard.

  2. Right-click on the block and select "Delete" in the menu that appears.

Delete several blocks

1. Select the necessary blocks in one of the following ways.

1.1. Hold down the "Ctrl" button and right-click the necessary blocks.

1.2. Right-click on an area in the scene with the necessary blocks.

2. Delete the selected blocks in one of the following ways.

2.1. Press the “Delete” button on the keyboard.

2.2. Right-click on any selected block and select "Delete" from the menu that appears.

Replace block

To replace the block on the scene:

1. Right-click on the block and select "Replace by..." in the menu that appears.

2. Select the block that you want to put instead of from the list.

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