Property editing

In TRIK Studio, there are two ways to edit property values ​​of blocks and links between them:

Attention! Editing the properties of the block Subprogram is carried out only using the context menu.

Using Property Editor panel

When a block, link, or element is selected, all the properties of the current element are displayed on the Property Editor panel.

The property editor is a table. In the left column, the property name of the element is displayed, in the right - its value.

You can change the value of any property by clicking on the corresponding cell in the right column and entering the desired value.

For properties that allow only a specific set of values, for example, the “Port” property of the "Wait for IR distance sensor" block, when you try to edit them, a drop-down menu will appear where the desired value is selected:

Property editing on the diagram

To edit properties directly on the diagram:

  1. Hover over the value of the desired property.

  2. Double-click the left mouse button to activate editing properties.

  3. Enter the desired value.

  4. Click on any place in the scene.

Attention! This approach can serve as a source of errors, because it allows you to enter an arbitrary text value of the property, including the incorrect one. Be careful.

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