WinSCP — an SFTP and SCP protocol graphical client for Windows. Using it, you can exchange files between the TRIK controller and the computer using the SCP protocol.

Run WinSCP from TRIK Studio

To start the utility go to the menu Tools → External tools → WinSCP.

Connect to the TRIK controller in WinSCP

1. In the directory with TRIK Studio installed, go to the winscp folder and run WinSCP.exe.

2. Fill in the next fields:

Leave the Password field blank.

3. Press the "Login" button.

4. If "Warning" window is opened, press «Yes».

This warning occurs when WinSCP connects to a new SSH server.

5. On the left side of the application, the file system of your computer will be, on the right - the file system of the TRIK controller.

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