About TRIK Studio Junior

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TRIK Studio Junior is a free programming environment with the "Character movement" for elementary grades.

The environment has a common interface with the TRIK Studio programming environment for robots, which allows for a continuous learning process, starting from elementary grades.

Features of TRIK Studio Junior

1. Loops, subprograms, arrays, mathematical and logical operators support.

pageBlocks in TRIK Studio Junior

2. Wide range of characters.

pageHow do I replace the "Character movement" image?

3. Support for exercise creation with auto-check for self-study and homework.

pageExercises in TRIK Studio Junior

4. Just like TRIK Studio, TRIK Studio Junior has an interactive simulation mode. You don't need to have a constructor to learn how to program.

Since the interface and work in TRIK Studio Junior in many respects coincides with the interface and work in TRIK Studio, some articles in this section will provide links to similar articles in the TRIK Studio help section.

What is "Character movement"

"Character movement" — an object that understands and executes the commands of the algorithm. In TRIK Studio Junior, you can change the artist's image.

pageHow do I replace the "Character movement" image?

Download TRIK Studio Junior

You can download the latest version of TRIK Studio on the website trikset.com.

pageHow to find out the version of TRIK Studio Junior
  • RAM: 4 GB or more.

  • Operating system:

    • 64-bit Microsoft Ⓡ Windows 10.

    • Ubuntu 16.04 and later.

    • macOS 10.12 Sierra and later.

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