About the TRIK controller

The TRIK controller is an educational robotics platform developed by a team of experienced engineers specifically for robotics.

TRIK Studio supports this platform.

The TRIK controller has a color touchscreen display, programmable buttons and a Wi-Fi module that can operate in two modes.

The TRIK controller is compatible with a wide range of peripheral devices, including all the necessary equipment for controlling DC motors and servo drives, as well as for receiving and processing information from digital and analog sensors, microphones, and video modules.

The TRIK controller supports various ways of connecting via Wi-Fi, connecting and working with external devices.

For detailed information about the TRIK controller, see the manufacturer's website.

TRIK controller programming

To program the TRIK controller, select "TRIK" in the TRIK Studio settings in the "Robots" tab.

Use specialized and common blocks to write programs in a visual language. Read more about visual programming in the article

Read about text programming in the article

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