TRIK controller menu

The TRIK controller menu contains six sections:

  1. File Manager — start and remove programs.

  2. Testing — testing of devices connected to the TRIK controller.

  3. Network Config— connecting the TRIK controller to other devices.

  4. Comm settings — the interaction of several TRIK controllers.

  5. Language — language selection.

  6. More... — programming the controller, system settings, and information about the firmware version.

Use the controller buttons to navigate the menu.

"Up", "Down", "Right", "Left" — move through the menu. "Enter" (checkmark) — select a menu section. "Exit" (cross) — exit from the submenu.

File Manager

The "File Manager" section is intended for viewing, launching, and deleting programs uploaded to the controller.

Starting the program

Press the Enter button (checkmark) to start the program.

Deleting the program

To delete the program, press the "Right" button and confirm the deletion.

Deleting all programs

To remove all programs, select "Delete all ..." and confirm the removal.


On the TRIK controller, using this menu item, you can test the connected devices:

  1. Analog sensors.

  2. Servos.

  3. Power motors.

  4. Digital sensors.

  5. Encoders.

  6. Gyroscope.

  7. Accelerometer.

For more details, see the article

pageTesting devices connected to the TRIK controller

Network Config

This section is about setting up the connection of the controller to a computer or smartphone.

In the "Network" item, you can connect the controller to a computer or smartphone in two modes:

  1. Wi-Fi access point.

  2. Wi-Fi client.

For more details, see the article

pageConnecting to the TRIK controller via Wi-Fi

Comm settings

At the "Comm settings" section, you can configure the parameters for the interaction of the controllers.

For more details, see the article

pageInteraction of TRIK controllers


This section allows you to select the language of the TRIK controller menu.

1. Select the language you want and press Enter. 2. Once the warning about the controller restart appears, press the Enter button again. 3. After restarting, the language will change to the selected one.


The "More..." menu item contains the next sub-items:

  1. Programming.

  2. System settings.

  3. Version.


Section "Programming" is intended for writing a program on the controller from ready-made commands.

  1. Add commands to the algorithm using the "<new command>" item.

  2. After the completion of the algorithm, select the "Run program" item.

  3. To clear the list, use the "Clear list" menu item.

Add command

The "<add command>" item allows you to add a command to the end of the algorithm.

Select a command using the Up and Down buttons and press Enter.

By adding commands to the list, you can get the final program.

When adding the "Motors forward" command to the algorithm, you must specify the power.

When adding a Timer command to the algorithm, you must specify the timeout in milliseconds.

Run program

The "Run program" item allows you to execute the written algorithm.

Clear list

The "Clear list" item allows you to delete the algorithm you wrote before.

System settings

In this subsection, you can choose what will be displayed in the Files folder:

  • Scripts folder. In this case, only programs uploaded from TRIK Studio will be displayed.

  • File system.


In this subsection, you can see the firmware version and the mac-address.

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