Launching and uploading programs to the TRIK controller

To work with the TRIK controller in the TRIK Studio settings, go to the "Robots" section and select the TRIK platform.

There are several options for executing programs for the TRIK controller:

  • Step-by-step diagram interpretation with a simulation of robot behavior on a 2D model.

  • Uploading the program to the robot and its further autonomous execution without communication with the computer.

Interpretation with a simulation of robot behavior

In the robot's 2D model mode, commands are not transmitted to the robot but are executed step-by-step by the virtual robot displayed on the screen. For more information, see the article "2D Model".

1. Turn on 2D model mode.

2. Click on the "Run" button.

3. The 2D model window will open and the program will start running.

4. When you switch to edit mode, you can track the steps of the program.

Uploading to the controller

From TRIK Studio, you can upload a program to a robot in order to execute it autonomously later without connection to a computer. 1. Connect the TRIK controller to TRIK Studio. 2. Click on the "Upload Program" button.

3. To run the program on the controller go to the "Files" menu, select the desired program and press the "Enter" button.

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