Connecting the TRIK controller to TRIK Studio

1. Connect the controller to the computer with TRIK Studio installed in either of two ways.

2. In the TRIK Studio settings, go to the "Robots" section and select the TRIK platform in the "Platforms" window.

3. Enter the IP address of the controller in the "TCP Settings" field.

Also, the controller IP address can be specified on the toolbar:

4. Click "OK".

How to check the connection?

Try to upload a program to the controller.

What if there is no connection?

If there is no connection to the controller, TRIK Studio will show an error:

In this case check:

  1. Whether the IP address in TRIK Studio matches the IP address on the controller.

  2. Whether the TRIK controller displays its IP address. The IP address may not exist if the controller is connected to a Wi-Fi network in Wi-Fi client mode, but the router did not issue it. We recommend that you wait for a little or switch to the "Access Point" mode and back in the Wi-Fi client mode. It can also happen in Access Point mode. We recommend turning off the controller for a while and then restarting it.

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